What time gap should be given between two cataract surgeries?

Time gap should be given between two cataract surgeries

There is a significant difference in the practice patterns of ophthalmologists (eye doctors) across the country in the time that they wait between cataract surgeries. Some ophthalmologists will do two eyes in the same week. Some may wish to wait two weeks between eyes.

Most ophthalmologists will not do two cataract surgeries a day apart. They are concerned about the possibility of a rare but serious complication that might occur during the days following surgery. Some of these complications might not appear for as long as a week or more after the surgery. Doing both eyes 24 hours apart could possibly allow the same rare complication to occur in both eyes.

Unless there is some compelling reason to rush the second surgery, I would suggest a minimum separation of seven days between eye surgeries.  Ask your ophthalmologist to explain his or her thinking to you and advise him or her that you choose to wait a week between your eye surgeries.


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