Vision therapy at Dr. Parbatani’s Eye Hospital Pune

vision therapy

Advancement in the treatment of vision-related problems brings versatile and practical solutions to patients.

A long list of invasive and non-invasive procedures is being offered at advanced eye clinics like DPEH Pune.

Vision therapy is a procedure that can treat a variety of common visual problems like myopia, crossed eyes, lazy eye, hypermetropia and so on.

It has been found immensely useful in correcting learning and reading disabilities as well. Using this customized non-surgical method, doctors can bring a tremendous improvement in visual skills.

The beauty of this treatment method is that the visual system of the patient is actually ‘trained’ to correct itself.

Why is it an effective Therapy?

When the doctors or opticians check the eyes, they do not test the focusing ability and visual perception skills of a kid.

Therefore, the problems get undiagnosed during the routine vision test, and the problem aggravates further.

Vision therapy overcomes the limitation of conventional eye screening because:

  • It is a progressive therapy that includes customized procedures and exercises.
  • It is performed under the observation of experts.
  • The treatment program is tailormade to the personalized needs of the patient.
  • It constantly monitors the improvement during the sessions that happen weekly or twice a week.
  • Clinical consultation is supplemented with procedures that are supposed to be performed at home.

Since all procedures help patients in developing and improving the basic visual skills, they can feel the progress within a few weeks. A significant improvement in the ease and efficiency of vision can be seen.

How to determine that one needs Vision Therapy?

If the following symptoms are seen amongst the kids, then it indicates that there is some problem which needs to be corrected.

Remember, these symptoms indicate problems that always remain undetected in the routine eye screening. Hence, parents need to be watchful for it.

  • Kids begin reading a book quite enthusiastically but give up after some time as they feel difficulty in doing it.
  • The attention span reduces to quite short.
  • Feel frustrated while reading and writing.
  • Redness in the eyes, burning sensation, and itching.
  • They hold the reading material quite close.
  • Difficulty in focusing
  • Confusion in reading alphabets

As far as adults are concerned, a few symptoms indicate visual deficiency. Hence, they need to be reported to an eye-specialist.  For example, tiring while reading and avoiding the tasks that require focusing the eyes at a near distance are alarming.

Covering one eye while reading or complaining about soreness after doing something that strains the eyes are also common complaints.

Sometimes, the adults complain about the print running together or the words feel like jumping.

You must meet some expert who can check and detect the fundamental cause.

Vision therapy can be beneficial because it works on the concept of training the vision to correct itself. Hence, it gives incredible results when the patient cooperates with the doctors and follows the instructions thoroughly.

DPEH in Pune is an advanced hospital and eye care center where patients get the best treatment for vision-related problems.

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