Oculoplasty is an upcoming specialty where our dedicated experts deal with problems pertaining to the eyelids, lachrymal system, orbit and aesthetic lid surgery.


The common problems that Oculoplasty deals with are:

  • Ocular oncology to deal with cancers of the eye, the orbit, the lids and the face.
  • Ptosis – drooping of upper lids.
  • Lid retraction – large eyes.
  • Watering of eyes.
  • Dacryocystitis – Lax lids
  • Blepharoplasty of upper lid and lower lid for excess skin, muscle and fat.
  • Anophthalmic socket with reconstruction for disfigured eyes.
  • Artificial / prosthetic eyes.
  • Lid tumors and reconstruction.
  • Botox treatment for deep rooted wrinkles, crow’s feet, blepharospasm.
  • Aesthetic lid surgery.
  • Fillers for removal of static wrinkles.
  • Mid-face lifts for removal of facial wrinkles and younger appearing facial features


Blepharospasm is involuntary increased blinking those progresses to spasms in both eyes. The exact cause is unknown, but it is believed it to be a central nervous system disorder. It can produce a functional blindness since the patient can’t open his or her eyes long enough to function visually. These spasms can be treated with BOTOX injections into the spastic muscles to relax them and decrease the spasms. The action of these injections is temporary in nature and ranges from 4-6 months or even longer in few patients. BOTOX injections can be repeated over a period of time, when required. BOTOX is injected with a very fine bore needle below the skin and are hence almost painless. The target areas for treatment are forehead and around the eyes. Side effects are minimal in trained hands. It is recommended to be administered only by well trained surgeons having good expertise in the field.