CGHS Empanelled Ophthalmologist in Pune

Employees covered under CGHS or Central Government Health Scheme can avail the facilities at private hospitals who have empanelled under the scheme.

This amendment has been made effective last year.

Earlier, people had to be referred to a bigger government hospital if the required facilities didn’t exist in the dispensary.

If you are covered under the scheme and are having problems related to eyes, DPEH Pune is the best option. There you get not only  diagnosis and consultancy from an expert CGHS Empanelled Ophthalmologist, but also some top notch eye-care services not available elsewhere.

The hospital has emerged in the past few years as one of the best centers to get treatment for vision-related disorders.

As the government makes things further simple, the process of enrolling will become more accessible than today.

The paperwork will reduce, and the information from the dispensary where a patient enrolls will be sent to the affiliated private hospitals directly.

Thus, patients need not run from pillar to post for completing formalities.


CGHS beneficiaries will be able to choose the best treatment

Government hospitals linked to the CGHS scheme sometimes have work efficiency and discipline issues in addition to inadequate infrastructure.

With the decision of allowing people to go to private hospitals, the government has taken a good initiative.

At DPEH, Pune the patient is examined and treated by an expert CGHS Empanelled Ophthalmologist 

Authorities say that there is no need for any referral letter or permission letter if the patient walks into an affiliated hospital.

The treatment can be provided on a cashless basis

As per orders, the treatment will be given on a cashless basis. Thus, people need not worry about expenses.

Other beneficiaries such as pensioners, ex-MPs, freedom fighters, and other regular employees, etc. will get whatever benefits they are getting today.

They need to present the prescription given by the government specialists (or CGHS Medical officer) in the original. It has to be submitted along with the hospital bill.

The simplified process will encourage people to check for affiliated hospitals and receive good quality treatment.

The level of diagnosis and treatment given by the CGHS Empanelled Ophthalmologist will help people in overcoming simple and complex issues related to the eyesight.

As the process streamlines further, there will be several new avenues of treating people better.

The initiative is a game-changer indeed.

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