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Area of specialisation: Front desk 

Job brief

We are looking for a Front office manager to manage our reception area. You will act as the ‘face’ of our hospital and ensure visitors receive a heartwarming welcome. You will also coordinate all front desk activities, including calls, reservations and guests services.

As a Front office manager, you should combine a pleasant personality with a dynamic professional attitude to supervise and lead our team. Our ideal candidate can deal efficiently with complaints and has a solid customer service approach.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure our front desk provides professional and friendly service to our Patient.


  • Freshers Proven work experience as a Front desk manager or Reception manager
  • Hands on experience with office machines (e.g. computers / printers)
  • Thorough knowledge of customer service, office management and basic bookkeeping procedures
  • Proficiency in English (oral and written)
  • Solid knowledge of MS Office, particularly Excel and Word
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Good organizational and multitasking abilities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • High School diploma; additional certification is a plus


Key responsibilities:

  • Perform comprehensive eye and vision examination & assist with the best possible products.
  • Diagnose eye problems and assist them accordingly.
  • Prescribe eye glasses, contact lenses and medications if required.
  • Product Dispensing and customer handling.

Key skills required:

  • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
  • Computer literate well verse with MS excel/powerpoint/word.
  • Clinical and customer data management.

Education & Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Optometry
  • Prior experience will be an added advantage

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As an ophthalmologist you'll need to:

  • assess and examine patients in order to make a diagnosis
  • manage ophthalmic conditions, taking into account both the medical and psychological aspects of patient care
  • manage busy general outpatient clinics, emergency eye clinics and specialist clinics
  • operate equipment such as ophthalmoscopes, slit lamps and lenses
  • carry out eye surgery using, for example, an operating microscope, small incision (keyhole) surgery and  Phaco laser surgery
  • provide advice and reassurance to patients and family members
  • educate patients to help them understand their medical condition
  • handle legal documentation for the certification of patients as blind or partially sighted
  • support health promotion and disease prevention activities.

Medical ophthalmologists will also have expertise in immunosuppression, neurology and cardiovascular medicine, and will manage areas such as diabetes retinal screening programmes. They may also use therapeutic procedures, such as laser therapy and intraocular injections.


You'll need to have:

  • communication skills, including empathy and sensitivity
  • good stereoscopic vision and professional health requirements in line with the GMC
  • practical hand skills and good hand-eye coordination
  • problem-solving and high-level decision-making skills
  • the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • leadership skills
  • Should know  Phaco Surgery
  • the ability to work under pressure
  • organisational, time management and planning skills.

Education & Experience:

  • Qualification: M.B.B.S., M.S., D.O., D.N.B.,
    Experience: 0 - 20 years
  • Working hours  -  full time

  • Salary - Based on experience

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Key responsibilities:

  • As an Ophthalmology Nurse you will assist in the running of the ophthalmic outpatient department and coordinate the patient's pre-operative assessment to ensure that the relevant health information is obtained.
  • You will organise and undertake pre-admission screening of selected patients ensuring that they are fit for surgery, assisting the lead on developing the pre-assessment process.
  • Provide scrub assistance in clinical/operative procedures.
  • Provide pre and post-operative instructions to patients/carers through effective communication as part of the clinical competency framework and holistic care of patients.
  • In addition, you will ensure patients are fully informed of their treatment plans and take appropriate action for those who do not meet inclusion criteria.

Key skills required:

  • Performing visual acuity and biometry.
  • The needs of patients presenting with a range of ophthalmic conditions following cataract surgery
  • Performing basic investigations such as visual acuity and auto refraction and instil eye drops
  • Assessing visual function

Education & Experience:

  • GNM / BSC Nurse

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