eye specialist in pune performing cataract surgery

Are you looking for an Eye Specialist in Pune for Cataract Surgery?

When you want to undergo cataract surgery, it is imperative to choose the best EYE SPECIALIST IN PUNE. He should have sufficient experience in performing cataract and other operations.

Finding a good surgeon is difficult but not impossible. You have to spend some time in searching for and researching about the specialties and expertise of them.

There are two aspects of the cataract surgery; removal of cataract, and implant of intraocular lenses.

To make your life specs free, it is not only required that the doctor follows the standard procedure, but he should use the right type of lens as well.

Do not go to an eye specialist just like that. You must have some reference for any of your friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues who have undergone a similar operation from the surgeon.


Ask the following questions when you want the best EYE SPECIALIST IN PUNE.

  • How is the supporting staff in the hospital? Are the people courteous? Are they always ready to help?
  • How is the infrastructure? The machines should be state-of-the-art, and the technicians who operate the devices should be proficient. Any eye surgery, including Cataract removal, is delicate.
  • Does the eye specialist explain the procedure fully? Does he talk about the positive aspects and the possible complications frankly and honestly? It is critical because you should know everything about the surgery.
  • Not only the surgical procedure chosen for you, but the surgeon should tell you about the alternatives as well. The premium IOL should also be explained to you.
  • You must have a clear idea about the success rate of the eye specialist. How many operations has he performed so far and how many are successful?

Once you get through the answers, filter down the options. Don’t forget to consider the opinion of your optician or general EYE SPECIALIST IN PUNE who diagnosed cataract initially.

It is not necessary to finalize the surgeon when you visit the first time. You should be entirely convinced.

You must know about the Intraocular Lenses also

Are you going to opt for premium Intraocular lenses that correct the presbyopia to eliminate the need of wearing reading glasses after surgery?

If yes, then you need to gather relevant information about it so that to get the comfort level. The eye specialist sets the expectation realistically and guarantees the perfect vision.

Though the majority of the tasks can be performed without glasses, it may need to wear glasses to perform specific tasks. The doctor explains it to the patient before operating.

If any extra enhancement procedures or steps are needed, then the doctor explains the same to his patients. It establishes transparency in the dealing.

Cataract surgery is not a complex one. Nowadays, it has become further easy and risk-free because of high-end machines and tools.

Doctors remove the cataract and implant the perfect IOL to restore normal vision. With a little precaution, the person lives a happy and healthy life forever.



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